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3rd Cheese and Dairy Festival
Start Date: 21/10/2011 End Date: 23/10/2011

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3rd Cheese and Dairy Festival

21, 22 & 23 October 2011

Peace & Friendship Stadium

Piraeus, Greece








The most important institution for the dairy and cheese products in Greece in 2011 opens its doors at the Peace and Friendship on 21, 22 and 23 October.
Organized by the European
Organization for Strategic Planning (EOSP) and the Hellenic Milk and Meat Organization (EL.O.GA.K.) and under the auspices of the Ministry of Rural Development& Food  and the Union of Hellenic Chambers.

The two-year appointment in the industry include:
Exhibition: Cheese and Dairy products
Conference on the marketing and promotion of Greek cheese and dairy
• The third contest of Greek Cheeses
Representation of making cheese in real


Φωνητική ανάγνωση






is the meeting place, training and information of all players in the dairy industry and dairy products of all developments relating to the areas of production, machinery, equipment, new technologies, new legislation, standardization, promotion, hygiene and safety.


3rd Festival of Greek Milk and Cheese
Peace & Friendship Stadium, Pireus,Greece
21, 22, 23 October 2011

Friday 21 October 2011
Saturday 22 October 2011
Sunday 23 October 2011

21 October 2011: 18:00 – 21:00
22 October 2011: 10:00 – 21:00
23 October 2011: 10:00 – 20:00




The purpose of this event is to completely cover the needs of the businesspeople in the industry by promoting their products, the cheese making equipment and relevant services; to present the wealth and value of dairy and cheese products, to bring consumers into contact with how these eclectic products are made, to upgrade their commercial potential and to offer capabilities for their further development.





The 3rd exhibition on milk and cheese aims at concentrating and presenting to the professionals of the industry and to the public the pure and high quality dairy and cheese products and the new technologies.









*        Companies and businesses processing milk for the production of dairy products

*        Milk processing companies

*        Cheese making facilities

*        Companies and businesses processing milk for the production of yogurt  

*        Companies that manufacture or represent dairy and cheese making machinery

*        Companies that manufacture or represent packaging equipment

*        Companies and cooperatives with basic production being cheese and milk

*        Businesses and companies that produce organic cheese and milk

*        Any type of company associated with milk and cheese

*        Municipality and Community Local Associations

*        Municipalities whose primary production is stockbreeding

*        Municipal organizations, Chambers, Prefectures and Districts













At the same time as the Exhibition and the Conference many events will take place at the Festival that are of interest to the visitors, private and public institutions who will have the opportunity to have a first hand look at the standard production method of cheese and other dairy products, to see state of the art machinery for the production, packaging and trade of dairy products. They will also have the opportunity to taste dairy products, cheeses and other delicacies based on the products produced from all areas of Greece.


*                     Presentations of companies

*                     Presentations of Chambers and Local Government bodies

*                     Delicacies of the Greek cuisine made by dairy products of the exhibitors

*                     Cheese tasting

*                     Events for children: “Getting to know milk and its products”






In the scope of the 3rd Cheese and Dairy Festival , organized by the European Organization for Strategic Planning, 21 – 23 October 2011 at the Peace and Friendship Stadium, the 3rd Greek Cheese Contest will take place.


This is an innovative event, of high standards, aiming at:

·      The presentation of the richness and quality of Greek cheeses to the consumer and commercial public.

·       Presentation, advertising and promotion of the different categories of Greek cheeses.

·      Presentation of the best cheese per category (Gold feta, Gold gruyere etc.).


This one of a kind contest of international standards is being organized for the third time by the competent department of EOSP, and takes place every two years. The taste tests of the samples participating in the contest will be performed by the judging committee, which is comprised of world famous chefs scheduled to arrive in our country just for this purpose from all countries of Europe.  During the taste tests each cheese sample will have its own special code, without its packaging, so as to guarantee the unprejudiced decision of the judging committee.

The cheeses that will be awarded may display the medal they have won on their packaging. The awarding of the medals shall take place on Saturday 10/22/2011

We are confident that the 2011 3rd Greek Cheeses Contest, with the publicity and distinctions entailed pertains to all cheese makers and industries of the country that make products in a particularly competitive international environment of quality and taste.


We therefore invite you to participate with the codes you believe will bring you such distinctions.


The token price of participation of each of your code in the contest is 122 € plus VAT 23 %.


For each entry aside from the respective amount, you must also send us the completed participation form attached.


For further information or clarification please do not hesitate to contact us.


We wish you good luck and hope Greek cheese is the winner!



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