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4th Olive oil and Olive Festival
Start Date: 12/03/2010 End Date: 14/03/2010

4TH Olive oil and Olive Festival

12, 13 & 14 March 2010

OLP Exhibition Centre

Piraeus, Greece






Olive oil and olive exhibition


The largest exhibition in Greece on Olive oil and Olives is organized for the third time at the OLP Exhibition Centre 12, 13 & 14 March 2010.

The 4th Festival is supported by all bodies of the sector and the Hellenic scientific community.

It is a central meeting place for people in the olive business in our country.

The exhibition will be visited by ambassadors and trade attendants from around the world, suppliers of super market chains, hotel and shipping businesses as well as restaurants and eating establishments. Consumers will also flock to the exhibition for a firsthand look at the excellent quality Greek olive products.



The 4TH Olive oil and Olive Festival aims at:


·         The mobilization and participation of all bodies involved in the stages of production, processing and sale of our two basic national products

·         The identification of operational problems of the olive oil mills (two and three phase) and olive seed mills and proposed solutions  

·         The reference to systems and processing techniques of olives aiming at the improvement of quality and environmental protection

·         The extensive discussion on organic olive oil, olive paste as well the significance of these two products

·         The identification of all parameters and factors associated with the further improvement of the quality of Greek olive oil produced

·         The presentation of modern quality control techniques and the avoidance of olive oil adulteration

·         The presentation of problems pertaining to the trade, packaging and sale of olive oil and edible olives and particularly the issues of contemporary marketing 

·         The presentation of the latest scientific data relative to the particular role of olive oil as a functional food

·         The presentation of the nutritional and economic significance of quality traditional products (Olive oil – Table olives

·         The information of interested parties on the Programs pertaining to funding of the European Union in the olive cultivation sector, but also the respective obligations of the interested parties



 Including exhibitors in the following categories:

·         Olive processing machinery companies

·         Olive oil processing and packaging machinery companies

·         Table olive processing and packaging machinery companies

·         Farming equipment and components supply companies

·         Olive products packaging and labelling companies

·         Area sanitation and disinfection companies

·         Certification and quality control companies

·         Automation and traceability companies

·         Companies and cooperatives mainly operating in olive and olive oil production

·         Olive oil production, processing and packaging companies

·         Organic olive oil and organic table olives companies

·         Edible olives packaging and trading companies

·         Plant nursery companies

·         Prefecture Local Governments

·         Public organizations, Chambers, District bodies

·         Municipalities whose primary production is olive oil and traditional products

·         Municipality and Community Local Associations

·         Oil producers

·         General exhibitors operating in the olive and olive oil industry

·         Olive oil and olive festivals from all over Greece




 Conference for olive oil processors and olive oil marketing


·        The management of olive oil focusing on exports. With participants from the USA, Russia, China, Germany, Ukraine, England, France, Rumania, Bulgaria, Sweden, Poland, Finland, Baltic states and Greece

·        Community support and new investments

·        Greek olive oil processing plants in the modern market. Problems – prospects. Examples from countries of the Mediterranean

·        Olive oil processing plants wasterWaste management examples at an international level

 Round Table I

“Olive oil quality, packaging and trade”

With participation of representatives from olive and olive oil companies, super markets, export companies and chambers


Round Table II

Representatives from 16 Mediterranean countries shall join and discuss issues of the industry.

Greece, Italy, Spain, Turkey, France, Morocco, Tunisia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Algeria, Libya, Israel, Cyprus, Egypt, Lebanon




·        Original tastes from Mediterranean countries and every corner of Greece will be presented as well as recipes based on olives and olive oil


·        Cocktails based on olives and olive oil


·        Olive oil tastes – wine aroma. Creation of different tastes


·        Taste tests with Greek olive oils


·        Taste tests with table olives




Manousos Manousakis, Film Director, Chairman of the Organizing Committee



Stavros Markatos, Deputy Prefect, Primary Production, Piraeus Prefecture

Kostas Mitsis, Agriculturist, Executive Consultant EDPA

Irene Psachoulia, Economist, Exhibition Director

Evaggelos Valiotis, Mayor Oinountos Lakonia

Efstathios Anastasopoulos, Deputy Prefect Messinia

Sarantos Kapetanakis, Deputy Mayor Oinountos Lakonia

Nelos Georgoudis, Chairman PEMETE

Stathis Panagou, Lecturer Agronomics University of Athens

Efstathios Papachristopoulos, Chemical Engineer

Nikos Trikalitis, Economist

Nikos Kokkas, Mechanical Engineer

Efi Chyderiotou, Agriculturist EDPA, Planning Director



 Chairman: Apostolos Kyritsakis,

Professor Olive oil – Fatty materials, Μ.Sc., Ph.D.

Director, Nutritional Foods Technology School

A-TEI Thessalonica



Grigoris Panonidis, Agriculturist

Vasilis Zabounis, Agricultural Economist

Efi Christopoulou, Chemist, Ministry of Development

Maria Lazaraki, Chemist, Ministry of Development

Aris Xenakis, Research Director, Institute of Biological Research and Biotechnology, National Research Foundation

Spyros Ramantanis, Professor, Vice-President, EFET

Kostas Chartzoulakis, Research Dr., Director Foundation of Olive and subtropical Plants in Chania

Panagiotis Kalaitzis, Studies and Research Coordinator, Department of Agricultural Genetics & Biotechnology, Mediterranean Agrarian Institute of Chania

Maria Tsimidou, Assoc. Professor Food Chemistry, Chemistry Department, Food Chemistry and Technology Laboratory, Aristotle University of Thessalonica

Katerina Dimitropoulou, Chemist

Maria Kanari, Agriculturist-Food Technologist




Nia Koborozou, Journalist

Giorgos Koukouliatas, Journalist

Nikolaos Lytras, Journalist

Katerina Drosou, Journalist









































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